About the Festival

Our Story

Easter celebrations have been happening for a long time. But here in Launceston something very significant began when people from numerous churches and organisations assembled in Royal Park on the Good Friday evenings of 2011 and 2012. From 6pm until after midnight, witnessing spectacular sunsets, people of all ages came together to worship and pray. Across diverse cultures the unity was palpable. The prayers ranged from the scrawled hopes of school children to wisdom for our leaders, the direction of our nation and the future of our world. A seed was planted that could only grow and grow.

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2014: Emerge

The next major chapter involved preparation for Easter 2014. It was a remarkable adventure and privilege to see the festival emerge from just an idea to a prayer, then a vision, then a plan and finally to the vibrant colourful reality of the 2014 inaugural Launceston Easter Community Festival in City Park and the Albert Hall for Easter 2014. With the theme “Emerge” it was truly an emerging process, as people one by one caught the vision, saw the potential and took up opportunities to express their abilities and giftings in a magnificent array of creative ways, creating anextraordinarily diverse and harmonious smorgasbord of creative arts, music, dance, culture.

The cohesion we witnessed in the process of Emerge was profoundly heartwarming. From backgrounds as diverse as could be imagined, all sorts of differences melted into a fusion of friendship and harmony, as Northern Tasmanians congregated in unfolding unity in prayer, learning, and appreciating each others’ abilities and skills. As a spectacular butterfly emerges from its unglamorous infancy then long and unexciting metamorphosis, so for us Easter 2014 provided a special opportunity to put the past behind us and break the confining, stifling cocoon to emerge into a healthier, kinder, more generous, caring, sustainable and cohesive future.

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2015: Light

Celebrating Easter in 2015, the International Year of Light, logically involved a celebration of the wonders of light. How fitting and wonderful it was to have the privilege of Australia’s most highly renowned panographic photographer, Ken Duncan (OAM) exhibit his breath-taking images and audio-visuals and veteran astronomer, Professor Fred Watson who provided a unique view into how light operates in our galaxy and beyond, as well as international lawyer Professor Tim McCormack who talked on Lighting Up a Darkened World. Again it was a festival of art, music and thought and we celebrated the Light of the World.


2016: Feeding the world

Building on these experiences, the 2016 Launceston Easter Community Festival was entitled “Feeding the World – body, mind and soul.”

As we celebrated the Bread of Life, given freely for us as true and lasting nutrition for our whole being and community, we focussed on Tasmania’s food production opportunities, remembering our responsibility to feed our bodies, minds and souls, to care for the poor and to help believers think and thinkers to believe. Special guests included Roy Williams, one of Australia’s emerging public intellectuals who provided a rational, passionate defence of Christian belief and astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink who helps people bridge the perceived science-faith gap as he encourages all to consider the truth of the Bible and how it connects with the evidence of science for intentional design.

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2017: Just in Time

So our story progressively and excitingly unfolded. The festival was renamed Launceston Alive in 2017. The 2017 theme was Just in time. 

Easter is a time to commemorate and reflect upon the most profound moment in world history. The original Easter inspired some of the world’s finest art, music, literature, discovery and innovation. It is in this tradition that Launceston Alive seeks to celebrate with a festival of art, music, thought and food. We seek to bring people of faith together into unity and cooperation, to engage in a relevant, helpful, relatable way with those still exploring truth, to celebrate Easter as its champion deserves and to assist every individual and group realise fully the wonderful and continuingly transforming power of Easter.

Who's Involved

Launceston Alive is steered by a volunteer committee of community representatives who contribute to Launceston Alive’s objectives of bringing churches and communities together into cooperative partnership in helping people understand the original Easter message in a contemporary manner which shows how vitality relevant it is for all of us today.

The steering committee is grateful to have had contribution over the years from too many people to name here. It currently includes:
  • Dr David Strong, Child & Adolescent Health Consultant
  • Ms Stephanie Sebastian, Regional Coordinator, Scripture Union Tasmania
  • Mr Oliver Mensah, Sales Representative, Actrol Australia; Worship Leader, Door of Hope
  • Mrs Bronwyn Salter, Pastor, Launceston Family Church
  • Miss Kelsey-Rose Targett, UTAS student, Teacher Aide at Launceston Christian School
  • Mr Noel Eagling, Life in Abundance Mentoring, retired school principal

But this isn't the full list of everyone who is involved in making Launceston Alive a reality every year. There are a number of subcommittees responsible for various events and components and many volunteers who work to make our festival all that it is.

If you'd like to be involved, please get in touch with us and let us know how you'd like to be involved.