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Easter is a time to commemorate and reflect upon the most profound moment in world history. The original Easter inspired some of the world’s finest art, music, literature, discovery and innovation. It is in this tradition that Launceston Alive seeks to celebrate with a festival of art, music, thought and food. We seek to bring people of faith together in unity and cooperation, to engage in a relevant, helpful, relatable way with those still exploring truth, to celebrate the wonderful and transforming power of Easter.


Day 1
24 Mar 2018
Day 2
27 Mar 2018
Day 3
28 Mar 2018
Day 4
29 Mar 2018
Day 5
30 Mar 2018
Day 6
31 Mar 2018
Day 7
01 Apr 2018

The Way Forward from The Royal Commission

Andrew Scipione, AO APM

Good Friday prayer vigil

Good Friday evening gathering

Curt Anderson

Alive in the Park

Combined Churches Easter Celebration


Punchbowl Christian Centre, Tailrace Centre, City Park, Salvation Army Elizabeth Street, Gateway Baptist Church, and St John's Anglican Church
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

What is Launceston Alive?

Crowds pouring into the Albert Hall in preparation for the 2015 Face To Face

Launceston Alive is North-East Tasmania’s annual Easter Community Festival.  It is steered by a committee of community representatives from church, community services, arts, academic, and business sectors. We aim to unite our city in celebrating the original Easter message in an engaging, contemporary manner which shows how vitally relevant it is for everyone in today’s world.

Each year Launceston Alive attracts people of all ages, cultures and a diverse array of interests to its multifaceted festival program, which includes art, music and food, seminars, presentations, workshops, celebrations and family fun activities. The festival concludes with a city-wide church gathering to celebrate Easter Sunday.

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Multicultural Show

Easter is a time to commemorate and reflect upon the most profound moment in world history. In a unique way, Easter brings people from diverse backgrounds together and provides opportunity for cooperative, cohesive celebration of life, hope and the prospect of peace.

Launceston Easter Community Festival commenced formally in 2014 as a collaborative effort between members of the church, community services, arts, academic and business sectors of Launceston. In 2017 the annual festival was re-named Launceston Alive. It is an event of regional and state significance, attracting interstate and international visitors. It inspires and invigorates the creativity, life, businesses and activities of our city and state.

We welcome you to join us for the rich program of festival events around Launceston as we explore this year’s theme, Courageous Community Service.

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Partners and Sponsors

Launceston Alive is grateful to be in partnership with the following organisations. An event such as this cannot happen without fantastic sponsors.
If you want to join the mix, please contact us today.